Posted by: thinkeak | October 24, 2009

Copyright violations – it happened to me!

By Kristin A. Snyder
October 24, 2009

Copyright violation! It can happen to you! Is it a coincidence that the same week my IMC class is discussing copyright laws that I discover someone that goes by the screen name Udhayasolutions has copied my September 6 blog word for word. Oh wait, they did change the title. This person even went so far as to use a false source that links you to some internet site in another country. WARNING: do not click on it as it might crash your computer. This person posted my blog as an answer to a question, check it out at on Askville.

Yesterday I discovered the infringement and I took immediate action. I replied to the posting, I sent the thief a direct message, I sent Askville two “report abuse” messages, as well as sent Askville Co-Founder, ChristianC, a direct message all requesting that the submission me taking down or source corrected. I will be following this daily until a resolution one way or another is done. Twenty-four hours later, still no resolution.

I have learned my lesson. I have learned that I need to take more precautions on my blog site to protect myself. Even online there are still copyright laws that us. In fact I found another blogger who had very useful tips and advice, check out: Lorelle on WordPress. She has great tips on how to find stolen content, what to do about it, and how to protect yourself. I’m sure this will not be the last time that it will happen either.

Udhayasolutions – you stole my content, do the right thing and correct the situation.



  1. oh my, these bloggers who only copy the content from others don’t deserve to be a blogger.. I think they have to be called as “copy cats”. 😀

  2. Just thought you’d like to know it’s not just a matter of Udhayasolutions copying your work…he’s actually making money from doing it (on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk). If you have a greivance against him, you’d definitely want to escalate it to whoever you can to have action taken against him.

  3. Udayasolutions is not just one individual either, it seems that it is a sweatshop in India that makes money answering these questions. By the looks of it though, your content has been removed from Askville. 🙂

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