Posted by: thinkeak | October 22, 2009

Engage the consumer through Facebook!

By: Kristin A. Snyder
October 22, 2009

Engage the consumer through Facebook!

Facebook is more than a place to stay in touch with your long lost high school friends; it should be a chapter in your businesses social marketing platform. Facebook currently has over 300 million active users, of which 50 percent log on in any given day. Businesses and brands can create a Facebook Fan page to generate traffic, buzz, and hype on your company or individual brand campaign. It’s a place where you can communicate with your customer on events, promotions, and special occasions. It’s a place where your costumers can gives you instant feedback on topic from latest holiday gift card design to what features should be included in your new product design. You can add pictures, video, bog updates, conduct and conduct polls. Most importantly, it’s a place to conduct a dialog with your customers. Chic-fil-a has 1.2 million Facebook Fans and is great example of a successful Facebook page that incorporates these elements.

Once you have your page set up its time to start getting “Fans.” But how? One way is by utilizing a widget that Facebook launched this summer. Fan Box is a simple widget that you can add to your website to allow users to become your Fan and view your Facebook page stream. This is what the the widget looks like on Coca-Cola’s website:

Coca-Cola Website

By having this widget on your website, it will make current and prospective customers aware of your Facebook site and allow them to become a Fan at that moment skipping the sometimes frustrating Facebook search steps. Check out the Facebook Developer Wiki for detailed instructions on how to implement this widget.


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