Posted by: thinkeak | October 19, 2009

Mobile Marketing…The next telemarketing?

By Kristin A. Snyder
October 19, 2009

Mobile marketing…is it the next telemarketing?

Remember the days of sitting peacefully at home, the landline rings just as you are sitting down for dinner. Yes, it is another telemarketer trying to sell you service you really don’t need, let you know you won a contest for some extravagant trip that you never signed up for. After years of annoying calls during evening hours when companies knew you would be home, the “do not call” list came into play and have cut back on the numbers. What about now receiving an untimely and unwanted text in the middle of a meeting or at home as your trying to fall asleep? Wait, what if you want the texts? What if they have something to offer that benefits you?

Mobile marketing has the potential to offer great benefits. Wired Magazine points out some fun and useful applications for your mobile phone. For instance:

Scan a Barcode, Find a Deal! This is a must have application for any woman! ShopSavvy assist buyers to find the best deal. All you have to do is scan a barcode with your phone camera, then it will show how much that product costs online and/or at other stores. Of course, you have to have the right phone that runs of the Android platform:

Charmin came out with the concept “Sit or Squat” years ago that received tremendous buzz. This application allows you to find the nearest, user rated for cleanliness bathrooms. Whew, talk about relief!

These are just two examples of positive applications that the user can opt into receiving. The ethical question arises when consumers receive SMS Text messages from companies with out knowingly asking to receive them. The cell phone is an extremely personal device that consumer’s carry with them almost at all times. Creating a unique way to utilize this medium to gain consumer attention definitely has it perks and will prove profitable for the companies that can skate the fine line. Lets just be sure not to repeat the negative telemarketing epidemic and make mobile marketing another irritating phrase that consumer cringe when they hear the words.

Looking to start a mobile marketing campaign without upsetting your consumers? Listen to these three tips before starting from the :60 Marketer:


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