Posted by: thinkeak | October 12, 2009

Zero verbal communication, is that really good?

I tend to look at many things through a markers eyes and lately have had the benefit of being the consumer utilizing numerous online, mobile, and social networking features to make my life easier. It made me realize, that I really do not have to talk to one person in a live conversation to get things accomplished and I didn’t have to deal with the operator voice ended prompts. It mostly could be done with my fingertips while sitting at my desk!

This is my experience in the last two weeks while I moved:

• Three months ago I need a storage unit for short term until I had plans finalized. I researched, received
quotes, and booked online without talking to one person until I showed up at the actual unit.
• I was able to research reviews for moving companies and requested quotes online from one website for ten
moving companies without ever talking to one person until I had narrowed the selection down to my top
three. In fact, the top three were all recommend by friends off Facebook.
• I connected my cable, electric, and changed my cell phone plan all online. Each company sent me some sort
of automatic email or text response confirming service.
• I researched and ordered a fridge online and had it delivered. Ok, I did talk to the delivery guys the day of
delivery before they showed up at my door.
• I bought a new vacuum after sending out a recommendation request via Facebook to my friends.
• While waiting for my fridge to be delivered I order pizza and pop (aka soda or coke) online, and had it

Come to think about it, the only thing that required actual verbal communication was leasing my condo. However, the majority of the details were worked out via email, text, and fax with my Realtor.

Certainly technology has made life easier, but too easy? Is zero face to face and verbal communication a really good thing?

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  1. While emerging media allows us to communicate non-verbally through various means. While it’s certainly an interesting experience not to need verbal communications, it seems that emerging media has taken over to a crazy extreme. It’s almost scary. It would be great to be able to find combine non-verbal and verbal communications in our emerging media world.

  2. Looks like you are a true expert. Did you study about the issue? haha

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