Posted by: thinkeak | October 11, 2009

Black culture travel social site…will it fly or crash?

by Kristin A. Snyder
October 11, 2009

Black culture travel social site…will it fly or crash?

American Airlines is launching a new social networking site for travel around the world that focuses on the black culture. The site is and is to fully launch this month. Users of this site must register in order to utilize it. Users can upload their own travel reviews of their favorite explorations as well as add pictures and videos to their posting. The social site is hosted by George Neilson and is supported with a Facebook page.

“We at American Airlines see Black Atlas as an important connector, enabling an online community of travelers to share information about their favorite places for experiencing African-American and Black culture, food, music, literature, history and events across the globe,” said Roger Frizzell, American’s Vice President – Corporate Communications and Advertising.”

I commend American Airlines for recognizing the potential of the African American market and finding a way to highlight the black culture worldwide into the travel industry that American Airlines naturally caters to. The potential of this unique site is endless. With George Neilson leading the way, and individuals from all over having the opportunity to share their special finds, it will be fascinating to see the places around the world that are uncovered.

It will be interesting to monitor this site to see how long it takes (pardon the pun) to get off the ground and flying. It seems to have the foundation for success, but how will American Airlines promote the site? Will American Airlines offer special travel packages to places around the globe that are highlighted by George Neilson? Only time will tell, in the meantime, my seat belt is fasten and I’ll enjoy the flight.



  1. I think this is a very interesting campaign. American Airlines must have research that illustrates the percentage of African American flyers, and decided to take action on creating unique messaging and advertising to tap into this segment. I would ask the question: what about the Asian or Japanese market? I wonder what the breakdown of minority group flying stats are and how the airline industry is using this information to advance customer relationships?

  2. oh yes thanks

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