Posted by: thinkeak | October 3, 2009

Is your business ready to take the Social Media plunge?

By Kristin Snyder
October 3, 2009

Is your business ready to take the social media plunge? If not, why not? Maybe you are a business that just does not understand the medium and how it can be useful specifically to you. Maybe your business still feels that the only way to get their message across is through traditional TV, Radio, and print advertising – all one way communication pieces directed at consumers. Or maybe, like many you are simply overwhelmed and just do not know how or where to start.

First, it is important to understand the way businesses communicate with consumers and people communicate with friends and family is changing because of the social networking technology. These new mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube and more allow for businesses to interact and engage consumers on a personal level to create a grass roots buzz while building brand loyalty. Sales 101 teaches us that if we have a relationship with someone, it is much easier to make the sell. Social media gives the opportunity to communicate with a mass amount of people on a somewhat personal level.

Consumers are changing how they want to receive messaging from advertisers, “The Break Up” is a great video that depicts the disconnection between advertisers and consumers.

PowersReview commissed a social media study with 117 companies. “The study surveyed 117 companies, including multi-channel retailers (44%), brands/manufacturers (26%), pure-play retailers (12%), catalogers (9%), and suppliers/agencies (9%).” This study asked business what the goals for using a community and social media tool. The results are: Greater customer engagement, increasing brand loyalty, and mobilizing advocates to drive word of mouth. If your business can increase those areas, your bottom line will follow.



Is your business now ready to take the plunge into social media?


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