Posted by: thinkeak | September 20, 2009

Online Video Advertising

September 20, 2009
by Kristin A. Snyder

Tired of static banner ads? Try video advertising!

Consumers have experienced the pop-up, pop-under, banner ads, and have been spammed for years. It is doubtful that those annoying pop-up and pop-under ads are going away anytime soon. So what is another way to capture a consumer’s attention and the next phase of online advertising?

Video advertising takes the standard static Internet ad to another level. Video advertising alone seems to have endless opportunities for implementation by companies in order to create awareness through an interactive lead-generating medium, for instance: you may see that once static banner ad on Yahoo’s homepage come to life with streaming video; before you watch your favorite TV show on Hulu you will see a :15 to :30 pre-roll ad run; there are also flash layovers that arguably make that annoying pop-up less annoying and more entertaining. Video ads can also be embedded in emails, posted on YouTube and any social networking site, even incorporated into corporate websites. The implementation possibilities for video advertising is virtually endless.

One of the benefits to video advertising is that companies can use existing footage and reuse it for any of the above mediums making it very cost effective. Video could come from promotions and events that a company conducts and then post it to their own website, social networking site, or use it ad as banner ad.

For larger budgets, one of the coolest benefits to video advertising is the ability to customize videos to showcase the product while interacting with it, something that cannot be done through traditional advertising.

Video messaging, like other advertising mediums comes with many pros ad cons. Below are some of pros and cons to video advertising according to Barry Grant on his MediaPost Blog:


• Well-understood (and most complementary) when compared to traditional television ads
• Easy to develop if using existing television assets
• Tends to have highest completed views and click-through rates
• High engagement due to a “captured” audience


• Tends to receive user backlash due to intrusiveness
• Repurposed television ads may not be best suited for this purpose
• Inventory is generally more expensive than display inventory


• Easy-to-find, relatively inexpensive display inventory
• Can be easily sold on a performance basis
• Relatively unobtrusive (as long as it doesn’t auto start with sound)
• Offers many opportunities for rich-media customization


• Often not as engaging as in-stream or page-level
• May not be seen if appearing below the fold
• If trafficked via an exchange, may not provide desired transparency
into site placements


• Extremely engaging
• Affords tremendous potential for creative freedom
• Offers lots of flexibility for rich media customization
• Great for building awareness and other top of funnel metrics

• Can be quite expensive, depending upon where it’s being run.
• If not user-initiated, can be very intrusive and annoying to the user.
• May require considerable design work

Internet advertising is constantly changing and offering new unique ways to target consumers and grab their attention. Video messaging can be done in numerous formats and implemented in various online advertising mediums in order to fit in with any marketer’s budget.



  1. One issue with video is e-messaging is where will the message be hosted. Will the message be hosted on a mail server or must the consumer download it to their computer to view…the product is excellent with much potential…however, the delivery of the message is key to sucess. You are dead on…once the infrastructure is in place the cost is very low to tap existing messages to reach v-consumers…it simply needs to be done the right way from the beginning.

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