Posted by: thinkeak | September 6, 2009


September 5, 2009
by Kristin A. Snyder


Chances are your child is not playing outside with the neighborhood kids, nor are they inside building a fort out of old boxes and blankets and using their imagination for stories. Best bet is that they are in front of the computer playing games, doing homework, emailing, IMing friends, listening to music, or updating their status on their favorite social networking site.

According to a February, 2008 Harris Report, youth 8-21 years old have a buying power of $132 billion annually. Because the youth have a large buying power and they spend the majority of their time online, marketers need to turn their advertising dollars towards the internet to capture the youth market to build brand awareness and loyalty. But how?

Some brands, like Nabisco, have websites that incorporate branded games like Oreo’s Ready.Set.Lick along with a variety of other games that target a large age range. In addition, provides promotions, recipes, various brand line and nutrition information, and community goodwill programs. Does this work and it is ethical to draw kids into a corporate site to play? Is it more beneficial for brands to sponsor educational sites like Discovery Kids or Noggin?

Marketing to youth comes with many grey areas and blurred lines. Therefore brands should take special consideration when targeting youth and error on the side of caution, looking to provide opportunities and information to benefit the child whether it is creating its own internet site or sponsoring an independent site.



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