Posted by: thinkeak | August 30, 2009

Think! Explore! Adapt! Know!

August 30, 2009
by Kristin Snyder

Welcome to ThinkEAK!

Think! Explore! Adapt! Know!

Emerging media has changed how the world operates.  It has transformed the way people interact with one another on a daily basis, to how people capture and share information, and it is constantly transforming how companies market its products. Emerging media encompasses a wide variety of mediums including but not limited to: websites, blogs, social networking, podcasting, chat rooms, blue-tooth, video ads, widgets, RSS feeds, banner ads, and in-game advertising.  These mediums have created new avenues that allow marketers the flexibility to change messaging on the fly in addition to accelerating the pace of word-of-mouth information sharing.

How has emerging media affected your life? Do you find yourself texting friends or updating your status on Facebook to stay connected with friend’s verse actually picking up the phone to say hello?  If you had a bad experience at retail outlet, chances are you tweeted or blogged about it. Do you go to the front door to grab your newspaper or do you log onto to  How have you used these mediums to market your products, services, self?  How have you used these mediums in your daily life?  What innovations are around the corner?  What are the ethical issues facing new media?

The next nine weeks will be a deeper dive exploring these questions and much more. I will examine the world of emerging media and its impact and influence on the world around us and invite you to share your thoughts and experiences along the way.  Let’s Think about emerging media and the new doors it offers us as marketers. Let’s Explore each medium and Adapt to utilize emerging media to better our marketing tool kit.  Let’s expand our horizons and Knowledge!  ThinkEAK!

Social Media Revolution



  1. US open just banned players, agents, tournament officials from tweeting onsite. Says it might be an unfar advantage.

    • NFL banned Social Media from NFL during games for players, coaches, and personnel. They can use it up to 90 minutes before the game and afterwards during post-game interviews. What about fans? Teams could have some fun with sponsors – what’s the “tweet” of the game?

  2. US open just banned players, agents, tournament officials from tweeting onsite. Says it might be an unfair advantage.

  3. I don’t think you can stop it. Athletes can always create a fake name or post anonymously. I think it blows. it is just another way the league is trying to protect the reporters and allowing them to get the story.

    I believe you will see a trend of newstations / good reporters who will start using the twitter as a source for hot leads and new stories.

  4. on a side note, I wish someone would create a twitter update for speed traps in my area. If someone sees a cop radio, they should tweet their location and advise all followers.

    One could say, twitter is the CB of our generation. breaker 19…..1847562920927487repeating!

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